Innovating Pedagogy 2017 – Student Led Analytics

I always find that whenever I start to research a topic for this website I suddenly feel like I am untangling a ball of wool....

Innovating Pedagogy 2017 – Spaced Learning

Within education we always have to be careful. Although essentially stoic in its approach to learning, education, at all levels, is frequently bombarded with a...

I’m back!

Well, I bet you haven’t seen a link to this site for a while! I was sat thinking about targets and I flicked back to...

Science Posters

As part of the first year science module, our students carry out an investigation and the record it as a poster. When I photographed them, they turned out to be a total of 30MB, far to big to be uploaded here - but with the wonder of shared albums on icloud you can see them all in their full glory by following the link below

My electronic toolkit for University

My electronic toolkit for University
This is going to be my last waffle in the starting university series. I have looked at preparing to start the adventure and what to do during the first week. In this waffle I am going to have a look at my own personal electronic toolkit which I use for my studies in higher education.

Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 37 – Poster and Numbers #wilwafflive

Wilson Waffling Live –  Episode 37 – Poster and Numbers  #wilwafflive
Although this is not a long show it is packed full of content. Not only do I talk about analytics but I also show you a Facebook post from my page with currently 99 likes! I show off my poster from Jim Chapman and we have a quick look at what is happening on Minecraft! -run titles!
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