My various encounters with Live Streaming.

I once wrote a waffle saying I had a confession to share to all my readers. I’m not sure what people thought the content was...

Am I really alone?

**Important pre-waffle note** Before you read this waffle, can I just say that I am very happy in my office and school. If it comes...

Where have I been?

I have this habit of blogging in spurts. When workload is heavy my blogging is reduced or even becomes non-existent but when my marking has...

NQT Webinar #3 – “Assessment”

Welcome to the third of our NQT webinars. This one is focused on Assessment and we will be having a pilot with some new webinar...

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Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 66 – Homework

Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 66 – Homework
Tweets of the week More Phonics Games, some mathematics games, displays from placement and the first Snapchat face swaps!

Time for a whole cohort lecture!

Time for a whole cohort lecture!

Okay, I confess I have actually lost all track of time and I have no idea whether I am actually coming or going at the moment. I think last week was meant to be a professional waffle, but I sat down to write it and it just wasn't coming together so I confess I cheated - I just put a whole load of Wilson Waffling Live videos together and claimed it was a waffle - cheeky I know - or could I just label it as innovative? Talking of being innovative, I read an article this week which I wanted to focus my waffle on. It's title was quite bold stating - "Shouldn't lectures be obsolete by now?". Now before you all grab your pitchforks and placards and cheer with excitement and intrepidation, I want to stand in the corner of whole cohort lectures for a while and dodge the flying missiles and provide you with some benefits.

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