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    Thank you to everyone who attended last week’s summing up session on Friday. This is an important part of the course since it allows us to discuss your opinions related to the content of the tasks we have set you, for us to answer any questions you have and for you to meet each other.

    Hopefully this Friday we will be able to have more people attending. In order to facilitate this we thought we would ask you which method you would prefer either the webinar format (webcams/mics) or a chat room approach (just text). Also, is 14:00 a suitable time for everyone, or would you like it later in the afternoon?

    If you can respond to this post saying your preferred format, whether you can attend and what time would be suitable. We will go with the majority.

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    I would prefer for it to be in chatroom format please, I am able to attend and 2pm is fine thank you.

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    Steph Secker

    I would prefer the chatroom format and I will be able to attend the session at 2pm.

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    Arthur Green

    I don’t mind whether it’s in chatroom or webinar format and Friday at 2pm is fine for me.

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    Callum Johnson

    Hi, both sound great. I’ll be able to attend at 2pm, thank you 🙂

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    Eleanor Palmer

    I would prefer a chatroom format, 2pm Friday is fine for me.

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