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    There has been a number of articles in the news recently about the wearing of uniform and the gender neutrality of uniform. One secondary school has turned children away because they do not have the right colour ‘shade of grey’ for their trousers. Read the article here –

    Have a read of the article (don’t forget to evaluate it!).

    What are you views and opinions about the wearing of uniform within primary schools?

    Consider both the advantages and disadvantages?

    Respond to at leas one other person’s post.

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    Arthur Green

    In my opinion, I believe that school uniforms in primary schools are a good thing. By every child wearing the same clothes they are all equal. If you let them wear their own clothes then it may lead to some children being judged by their peers on what they wear. Some children who come from poorer backgrounds may be bullied because their parents may not be able to afford the most expensive and high-quality clothes. By everyone wearing the same thing we are helping to eliminate problems such as bullying. Another advantage is that when the child wakes up in the morning they do not take ages to decide what to wear because they always wear the same thing each day! If they did come to school in their own clothes then they may also risk getting them dirty, messy or torn (especially during an art class)! Finally, when it comes to field trips, it is far easier to pick out a small missing child in a large group of people when they are dressed in school uniform.
    I can understand when people say that uniform restricts children’s individuality and personality, however when I was in primary school I personally did not have much interest in the clothes I wore. It was not until I hit my teens did begin to care about how I expressed myself through clothes!
    A disadvantage to uniforms is that, like in the article, some schools often expect parents to buy the uniform from one place. This can be much more expensive than buying the uniform from other retailers. Although I firmly believe uniform is a good thing in Primary schools, I do think parents should have that flexibility about where they buy the uniform (naturally school jumpers/blazers/ties would be exempt from this if they had a logo).
    The BBC article informs us that Kepier School has had an issue with the colour of student’s trousers and that about a dozen pupils were sent home. Personally, I think that the head teacher is being too harsh in sending them home, especially when it is over such a small matter like the difference in shade of trousers. If it is strict school policy to have the trousers from one supplier then the school could have given them a week to get a correct pair, however some parents may not be able to afford to buy the more expensive option. Upon evaluating the article, I would say that it is useful as it is from a reliable source. However, it would have also been interesting to hear the views from other parents that had managed to buy the correct uniform to hear their opinion. Both the head teacher and the interviewed parent are going to be biased, whereas the parents who have bought the correct uniform may be fine with buying it from one supplier. Therefore, the BBC may not have seen all the different views from parents. Also, there is no picture of the different shades so it is difficult for the reader to make their own mind up, whereas the headline ‘School sends wrong trousers pupils home’ does try to make it into more of a scandal than it is. After all, which school hasn’t had problems with uniform!

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