Minecraft Server Rules

It would appear that I am quite strict with what I will allow and not allow on the server. I would like the server to be as ‘natural’ as possible with a thriving economy. With this in mind – here are the rules.

General Rules

Be respectful to everyone – we are all friends
Use chat responsibly – don’t spam or say nasty things
Use your common sense at all times – think about your skins and your actions
Use the chat to talk to each other – do not advertise or bully.
Play the game properly – no using hacks, mods, glitches or x-raying, its a game not a competition

Survival Rules

No trying to kill anyone – we are all trying to survival.
No mob farms/kill boxes/experience farms – if you are unsure what these means please ask Owner
No AFK farming – just play the game
No village breeders – its not to capture them and make them think they are alone.
Automated Harvesting farms are allowed, but keep them small
Keep you farms small – no more than 20 animals in pens please.
No griefing at all – if you didn’t place it, don’t touch it

If you are not sure about anything then check with the Owner or a Moderator before you do it.