Will you be part of my group? – Please!

It always takes a while for my body to get into gear when the students come back full time. Although I have never stopped work over the Easter break, the speed and intensiveness of the work is less and I think, due to having more breaks, I do eat more! Everything is back to almost full speed now and I’m back to my usual cucumber thin throughout the day – if I remember. As I eat it, I often spend my lunch five minutes, checking my feedly and tweeting out articles or collecting stories ready for my live show. It was while looking through my RSS feeds that I came across an article saying how group work actually helps us learn. But how does technology support group work? Well that is the topic of this waffle…

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Discussion with technology

There is that image which has been circulating of a whole load of men within a train carriage reading newspapers with the caption relating to the fact that we didn’t used to interact much more when there were no smart phones about. I sometimes wonder how we ever managed to meet in the middle of town without having a phone to say ‘I’m here!’ or ‘I’m running late!’ I guess we were just a lot more organised then. But does technology have an impact on social discussion and how people interact…this is the topic of this week’s waffle.

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Wilson Waffling Live -Episode 22 – Updates and Photos

Wilson Waffling Live -Recorded Sunday 9th November 2014 – Episode 22 – Updates and Photos Discussions Got a question for the next Waffling Wilson show Want me to answer your question? add it at ask.fm/WafflingWilson Twitter Wilson Waffling Blog Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wilson-…

Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 20 – Frustrated waffles and not what we want.

Well, from the first episode when I was telling elephant jokes every time I got a viewer I have now reached episode 20! Quite an achievement! This week’s Wilson Waffling Live has a discussion about my waffle which took me ages to write, we delve into the discussion forums to …

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