Wilson’s Wednesday Waffle – 2

Hello and welcome to this week’s Wilson’s Wednesday Waffle! This week I tweeted an article from the Guardian titled ‘Using a pen helps us discover thought – but the writing’s on the wall‘. This got me considering, in a similar way as the article discusses, in this digital age of typing and touch keyboards should handwriting still be taught within primary school? I remember completing page after page of loops and links within my purple handwriting book at school and I am not sure that it even contributed to my handwriting style. What I do remember at age fourteen was my English teacher informing me that

“Wilson – no-one on this planet or any other could read your handwriting!”

which was an instruction to change it and quickly. This I did but now find myself in a world that I find myself constantly typing or scribbling and never really working on that perfect handwriting style.

So what are your views –

  • Should handwriting be taught in primary school?
  • Is your handwriting perfect or disastrous?
  • Do you never join up your writing preferring to print?

Leave any comments or thoughts below to the blog, email them to me, add comments on Facebook or add a reply on my twitter @iwilsonysj. Please include your name and stage of your teaching career to the comment. I look forward to hearing your comments and views and my favourite will be awarded a prize in the next comment show.