I’m back!

Well, I bet you haven’t seen a link to this site for a while! I was sat thinking about targets and I flicked back to...

Science Posters

As part of the first year science module, our students carry out an investigation and the record it as a poster. When I photographed them, they turned out to be a total of 30MB, far to big to be uploaded here - but with the wonder of shared albums on icloud you can see them all in their full glory by following the link below

Why I wear my Rainbow Lanyard.

Anyone who knows me will probably not be surprised that when growing up I had some very unique views on the world in which we...

Moving on Transition

Well, the students have all left uni now and despite popular belief I am not on holiday from May until September but busy with planning...

Want to play? Let’s play a game!

Want to play? Let’s play a game!
So this week's waffle is about another section of the Horizon Report on Technology in Higher Education.The last time I waffled about this I focused on the Flipped Classroom - this week I'm going to focus on something which I really want to get more involved with - so grab those open badges, those actions and levels and prepared to be enjoy some gamification.

Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 68

Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 68

So this week I tried to change the format of the Website Roundup - I recorded it with a green screen and a teleprompter - the results? well I guess you need to see them to believe them! As well as the Website round-up there's the Tweets of the Week and Ask Waffling Wilson and two new segments - Teacher Tidbits (ideas) and a segment all to do with holes. All on this week's episode of Wilson Waffling Live - run titles!

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