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A small step for you, one giant leap for me!

Every Friday night at 20:00 I do a radio show completely dedicated to songs and tunes from the musicals of both film and stage. One of my favourite musicals has to be the ‘Sound of Music’. With every musical you have to have a favourite song and with this musical I have two – ‘I have confidence’ and ‘Doh a Deer’. Why do I like the latter? well it is because of the initial opening lines of – ‘Let’s start at the very beginning, its a very good place to start…’. This is so true and I often remind myself of this whenever I start something new and feel that I am either being swamped with information or the initial outcome is not to a standard I want it to be. Hang on, bear with me this is going somewhere. This week I managed to achieve something which to most of you reading this will probably appear to be a small, minor step but,to me, it is definitely a giant leap!

Is it worth setting targets?

Morning everyone! yes this is a waffle on my professional site again after a rather long break. I have been waffling a lot, mainly on my gaming/personal site and I must admit I have been somewhat neglecting this site. I’ll get into the reasons for this later. One waffle which I always like to write every year at this time is one about targets. Every year it seems appropriate to set myself targets to work towards to see try and ensure that I move things forward and, well get better at things. However, as I was finishing my morning toast at Costa and starting to sip at my coffee I started to read the targets which I set last year and well, I was some what disappointed and it got me thinking – is it worth me setting targets every year?


Time for a whole cohort lecture!

Okay, I confess I have actually lost all track of time and I have no idea whether I am actually coming or going at the moment. I think last week was meant to be a professional waffle, but I sat down to write it and it just wasn’t coming together so I confess I cheated – I just put a whole load of Wilson Waffling Live videos together and claimed it was a waffle – cheeky I know – or could I just label it as innovative? Talking of being innovative, I read an article this week which I wanted to focus my waffle on. It’s title was quite bold stating – “Shouldn’t lectures be obsolete by now?”. Now before you all grab your pitchforks and placards and cheer with excitement and intrepidation, I want to stand in the corner of whole cohort lectures for a while and dodge the flying missiles and provide you with some benefits.