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A small step for you, one giant leap for me!

Every Friday night at 20:00 I do a radio show completely dedicated to songs and tunes from the musicals of both film and stage. One of my favourite musicals has to be the ‘Sound of Music’. With every musical you have to have a favourite song and with this musical I have two – ‘I have confidence’ and ‘Doh a Deer’. Why do I like the latter? well it is because of the initial opening lines of – ‘Let’s start at the very beginning, its a very good place to start…’. This is so true and I often remind myself of this whenever I start something new and feel that I am either being swamped with information or the initial outcome is not to a standard I want it to be. Hang on, bear with me this is going somewhere. This week I managed to achieve something which to most of you reading this will probably appear to be a small, minor step but,to me, it is definitely a giant leap!

When do I stop being a teacher and become a person?

Many people might consider me a pessimist because I am realistic about things. I always think it is interesting when you actually acknowledge that what you really wanted to happen will not and that you would be much happier changing direction and channeling your energies into something different. When I started this blog I had real visions of grandeur and used to eagerly await my rankings on various sites to see if you I was achieving what I set out to do. But over the months, or should I say years – these expectations have changed and now I have a much better idea of where I am going. I had similar expectations when I moved from primary school teaching to higher education and it is only recently that I have had a similar moment of realisation about things…

Do you want a Researcher or Teacher?

One thing I really enjoy about my job and actually look forward to, is the teaching. I love to communicate, hence the waffling, and to interact with learners. Often this presents its own challenges but, in turn, I like to challenge the learners and I get to see them progress throughout the lessons/modules and hopefully reach their final goal. I wrote last time about the possibility of a QTS Skill Test for science with an emphasis on subject knowledge. Within higher education, as well as the teaching, link tutoring, open days, interview days, marking and general admin, there is the requirement to research, with my current institution requiring three ‘outputs’ every three years. But what do you, as the student, actually want from me as a tutor and, are the two, teaching and researching related? Well that is what this week’s waffle is about…